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12 May 2015

Numbers for Development: the IDB’s open data portal

Mariana Leytón

numbers for debelopment idb

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The Inter American Development Bank (IDB) has recently announced the launch of its Open Data Portal: Numbers for Development. This tool allows you to browse, view and download data from Latin America and the Caribbean that comes from research and other sources used by the Bank for knowledge generation.

The portal enables users to find information about issues such as education, labor markets, global integration, poverty, gender and agriculture, among others, all in one place.

The goal is to share the data generated by the Bank’s specialist teams for over 50 years of analytic work with all those who work in the search for solutions to the development challenges of the region.

As part of its launch, the blog Open to the Public has been sharing tips to leverage the functionalities of the portal Numbers for Development. Among them:

  • Creating reports and downloading data
  • Creating data visualizations
  • Filtering data


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This post was updated on May 25th, 2015

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