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18 May 2016

Mobile Learning in Brazil — A Talk with Fernanda Rosa

Mariana Leytón

A few months back, YoGobierno shared the book Mobile Learning in Brazil, launched by the Center for Brazilian Studies at Columbia University, which consolidates the results of research conducted in the five regions of the country examining ICT in education actions initiatives in the public educational system (you can download it here). Today, we share a thought-provoking interview with co-author, Fernanda Rosa, in which she discusses this research further.

Two main points to look out for in the talk:

  • Education and technology policies should consider three main pillars that work together: infrastructure, digital content, and proper education training for teachers. Moreover, the role of the private sector and other organizations in all these three pillars, and the promotion of spaces for collaboration need to be further debated.
  • And regarding the infrastructure, understanding that children today—as intensive users of technology—have the capacity to participate in internet governance issues that affect them (for example, at the UN’s Internet Governance Forum) link by promoting their concerns and advocating for them in online spaces.


Technology is already ubiquitous and part of our—and our children’s—daily life. The researcher advocates that education system should take advantage of this when planning infrastructure and when designing digital content and education training. Not to do that is to waste a great opportunity to support children to become active participants of the digital age.

You can find the book for download in English and Portuguese here.

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