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27 Feb 2015

10 Apps for Development (eBook)

Yo Gobierno

10 Apps for Development Cover
Ver el eBook en español.

A new (free) eBook by YoGobierno.org and GobApp, an idea lab supported by IDB, is here. On this occasion, we focus on developing a list of ten social applications — not to rank them by quality, but to show the different types of solutions that these initiatives can provide.

With that purpose, we collected examples from various parts of the world (with special focus on Latin America) of how civil society, governments and, in particular, citizens can leverage an enormous transformative power with the use of technology.

With that said, we want this book to serve as inspiration for new projects, rather than just a recognition to the selected, just like in previous publications about Ideas for Government 2.0. in Latin America. As this trends continues to gain strength, we must remember that more civic apps do not only provide great examples, but they solve problems and improve lives.

You have different options to download or read the e-book online. You can see the PDF version through ISUU, as seen below, or download it here. You can also download the ePUB format (without multimedia) that is supported by virtually any e-book reader, and you can also download a rich-media version designed for iPads through the iTunes Store.


As always, this publication is free of cost. We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed compiling it.

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